How to Make Some Extra Money on the Side

Lots of people aren’t satisfied with the income they make from their 9 to 5 jobs. It might cover the bills, but maybe there isn’t enough money left to pay for that extra stuff that isn’t necessarily essential.

You know what I mean.

That happy hour with friends one day after work, that weekend trip to visit your best friend, or maybe that new shirt you’ve been dying to buy.

Though you could just accept that you can’t do those things, if you are really serious about having fewer limitations because of your income, you can always pick up a side hustle.

What is a side hustle?

It’s pretty simple. A side hustle is anything you do on the side of your regular job to help supplement your income. It may only take a few hours a week or, if you really want to make some serious cash, it could take up tens of hours of your week.

Regardless of how long you commit to it; a side hustle is a great way to earn some extra money for those non-essential things in life.

Now I will tell you about some of my favorite side hustles – all of which I have experimented with myself.


This is the big one.

There are tons of people out there looking for help with almost anything you could imagine. Best of all, usually you can do these things from the comfort of your own home. There are many sites where you can find work – my favorite is Upwork.

In my freelancing career I have mostly written articles for clients. This is probably the most popular form of freelancing among the personal finance community but there are also tons of other kinds.

You can be a freelance graphic designer, photographer, tutor, web designer, or almost anything else you can imagine. Think about what your skills are and you should be able to find some work!

Drive Uber/Lyft

I had a great experience driving for Uber. I only did it for a few months, but I was able to make some serious cash after work. Since I had about an hour commute to work each day, I spent a lot of money on gas.

One day my friend Jenna was telling me about how she started driving Uber and how easy it was for her to make some quick cash when she had some free time.

This got me thinking.

Could I use my long commute to my advantage?

Well, as you could have guessed, the answer was yes. I started driving Uber after work each day on my way home. I was already in my car so it was easy to pop open the app and do a few rides. Best of all, there was no commitment and I could stop after however many rides I wanted.

In order to make sure that I didn’t drive to far out of my way home, I tried to accept rides with people who were going in the same general direction as I was.

Though I now live in a bigger city and don’t use my car as much, I don’t drive Uber anymore, but I highly recommend it for those looking for a flexible side hustle that they can pick up and drop at any time.

Start a Blog

This is one that I, as you can see if you’re reading this, am still doing today.

Though it may not be immediately apparent when reading blogs, there are actually lots of ways to make money through blogging.

One of the biggest ways is by selling advertising to companies through the form of banner ads, sponsored posts, email blasts, or social media shares.

Another way is to make money through affiliate programs. In short, these are programs that allow you to send leads to other businesses and, in turn, you get a cut off the sale.

One of the most popular affiliate programs that many bloggers use is Amazon Affiliate. With this, anytime someone clinks one of your affiliate links that lead to Amazon and the reader ends up buying something, you get a certain percentage of the sale depending on the product.

The best thing about blogging is that it is fun and relaxing! It is nice to write out your thoughts every now and then and it is very calming. If you ever need help starting a blog or just need advice, feel free to reach out!

What are some of your favorite ways to make money on the side? Anything I didn’t mention above? I’d love to hear!


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