Fun Places to Take Your Date on a Budget

So, you’re taking a special someone out on Friday night, and you want it to be an unforgettable evening. The problem is, you don’t have a ton of money allotted for entertainment in your monthly budget.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a lot of money to have a great time. Money can’t buy fun anyway. Your mood and sense of humor are what make a great date.

In fact, you may have a better time knowing you’re not wiping out your budget. Setting yourself up for financial freedom is one of the most important things you can do in a relationship.

Finances are the leading cause of stress in marriages, so you’ll want to get started on the right foot by not overdoing it during the dating phase. Here is a list of five fun places to take your date on a budget:

1. Walking or Bike Tour

What’s cuter than a fun-loving couple on a tandem bike? Taking a walk or going on a bicycle trip is one of the best ways to have a romantic date. Most cities have adventurous walking paths, and some even have elaborate bike paths.

You don’t have to leave from his or her place on foot; you could drive or take the train to a designated point and begin walking from there. There are dozens of walking tour apps on the market. Try browsing your app store for one that has maps for your town.

Benefits include exercise, ability to have heart-to-heart talks, and getting to know your city in a new way. The best time to go on this date is during the day.

2. Picnic in the Park

A picnic is a tried and true date that is bound for success. Just the thoughtful act of picking out food for the two of you to munch on is romantic and can create a long-lasting bond.

Luckily, picnic foods are budget-friendly. Typical picnic foods include baked or fried chicken, potato salad, rolls, and fruit cups.

Many grocery store delis have great deals on picnic meals, and the prices are usually comparable to making it at home. Deli food is a cheaper alternative to eating out and is much less work than cooking a full meal. The best time to go on picnic dates is during the day.

3. Coffee House

Who needs alcohol when you have coffee, tea, and cake? If you want to shave dollars off the top of your bill, skip the booze.

Having coffee shop delicacies is cheaper than a night out at a club. Buying drip decaf or hot chocolate, a cup of tea and a piece of cake to share is usually under $10. Most coffee shops have water to drink too so that you could enjoy a table or sofa with your date for at least two hours.

Coffee shop atmospheres are always brighter and more enlightened than bar environments. You’re likely to strike up much more interesting conversations with your date than if you’d gone to get buzzed or drunk at the bar. You’ll remember what you like about him or her much better in the morning too.

Search for late-night coffee houses in your town. Many of these locales are brimming with intelligent folk, music, and life.

4. A Bottle of Wine and Pizza on the Beach

This is a great date to choose on those nights when you want something to drink without spending lots of money on service. Restaurants and bars open the same exact bottles you can buy at the store, so why not buy your own and pour it yourself?

Beautiful spots include the beach, park, lake, or river. Or try a secluded spot near an airfield to watch planes take off and land.

Getting a bottle of red or white wine and a pizza that you both like can be one of the simplest, yet most loved ways to have a romantic date. This date goes best at sunset or night. Don’t forget to bring clear plastic cups and a corkscrew from home.

5. Candy and Snacks at the Highest Point in the City


Most cities in the world have a scenic spot or viewpoint. As residents, we tend to overlook the tourist vistas and scenic routes in the cities where we live and work. Do some research on elevated viewpoints in your town.

It could be fun to grab a bag of your favorite naughty foods and go to the highest point in the city to enjoy. Eating silly foods like Laffy Taffy and Pop Rocks might bring out the giddy in both of you. And the good thing about being up on the cliff is that no one has to know. Having secret hideaways and fun treats that only you two know about can build trust within the relationship.

Pick out a few candies or snacks you enjoyed as a kid and make sure it is nothing eclectic or expensive. This date is best at night. Fun drinks like root beer or grape soda go well with the theme.


Going out on a date doesn’t need to wipe out your wallet. The best things to bring on a date are a good spirit, sense of humor, and a warm smile.

Do you have a fun spot to go on a date in your town? What budget-friendly dates have you tried in the past?

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