Creative Ways to Make Money

Not having enough cash to make ends meet can be stressful, traumatic, and depressing. Maybe you’re on a fixed income with a 9 to 5 job, and an emergency expense forced you to go over your budget. Or perhaps you’ve already started a side gig, but it’s not enough to pay the bills.

Don’t despair. There are tons of ways to make an extra buck. Once you’ve made your first dollar, you’ll be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, and success will keep you working toward the next extra paycheck or dollar.

In this article, we’ll discuss five creative ways to make money as a side gig. Who knows? If you like the idea and the work, then maybe you can build a full-time income from one of these money-makers.

Make Money Online by Freelancing

Do you have a skill you’re not making the most of? Sell it online at Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr, naming just a few websites that market freelancers. Freelancers now make up 35% of the workforce, according to Forbes Magazine. There’s never been a better time to offer creative services because so many businesses are looking for it.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a writer, but you’re not sure how to get started. Or maybe you like designing things with Photoshop, and you want to know how to take it to a commercial level. Browse the job ads and see what people are looking for.

Popular jobs include article writing, making logos, and designing websites. Can’t do any of these? Try your luck by making video testimonials.

Companies love to hire random people to talk about how great their products are on camera. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money with no experience. Then, you can begin learning a new skill once you have the video testimonial income rolling in.

Buy Items at a Low Price and Flip Them

Buying and selling items is one of the most tried and true methods of making money, whether on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.

Start out by selling some things that you already have and no longer want. Fashionable clothing, electronics, toys, and baby items all have the potential to sell well online.

Once you’ve figured out how to sell your items, move on to selling new and used goods. Shop at your local thrift and dollar stores and garage sales for deals.

Not interested in cluttering your home with thrift store stuff? Try digital arbitrage. This type of arbitrage is where you buy digital items, like e-books, articles or an SEO service, and sell them for more money on another site. You can even buy and sell websites on Flippa.

Offer Home Services for Cash

The internet isn’t the only way to make extra cash. Gardening, Babysitting, dog sitting, house cleaning, and hanging pictures are all services that are needed offline.

You can advertise your service on Craigslist, or make flyers to post in the neighborhood where you live. Another way to find clients is to look at the gigs section of Craigslist or TaskRabbit.

Check out what price other people are offering their service for, and aim to deliver value.

Rent Your Property to Make Money

We’re living in unprecedented times now, where we can easily rent out our belongings to others for cash. The “share” economy has impacted nearly all essential living items, and it is quickly becoming the way of the future.

Driving your vehicle through Uber, and sharing your house or apartment through Airbnb are two of the most popular ways to make money. You can even rent your car to your Airbnb guests.

Renting space is another hugely undervalued way to make money. Do you have a spare closet or attic space to store someone’s stuff? What about an extra parking space?

Other great property to rent includes textbooks, musical instruments, and graphing calculators. Craigslist, the Borrow’d app, and Campus Book Rentals are three of the best ways to advertise your rentals.

Repair Computers and Cell Phones as a Side Gig

Have you been tinkering with computers for years, or have ways of fixing a cell phone when no one else can? Computer and mobile phone repair are big business, especially when you gather enough spare parts to build and sell a full computer.

It’s a helpful service because you could be saving someone hundreds of dollars. Research common issues online and find out what problems your target market struggles with.

This type of business works well locally, but you won’t have any problem finding clients if you live in or near a big city.

Final Thoughts

Not having money can be a drain on your economy, your emotional well-being, and your physical health. Coming up with creative ways to make money is easy if you do the research. Starting a business takes effort, even if it’s a small company. But having a business that provides an income is an excellent way to supplement your regular paycheck.

Now it’s your turn to discuss. What are some creative and successful ways you’ve made money, and have you tried any of the methods in this post?

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