About Ms. LLC

Life sure is lovely!

Especially after picking up a few extra cents here and there. I used to call those nickels and dimes “lovely life cents.” Well, gone are the days when picking up a few cents made my day; change really doesn’t carry the same value these days. But you can still extract a bit of value out of your day in new, more modern ways.

How does that make sense exactly? Well, aside from picking up a forsaken $20 bill on the side of the street, you could pick up some advice that makes you $20 in the next week. That’s my take on things. There isn’t so much value in a few nickels on the sidewalk today, but you can get plenty of value from following a new savings plan or learning how to invest in your retirement with an employer.

These things may sound far off for some, but in reality, they are part of a bigger idea that all people should be a little more caught up on: personal finance! Whether you are in college, high school, or well into your career, you could always learn something new about your money. There are plenty of small things that we could do today that will make our lives easier tomorrow. In a way, I think that financial advice is the lovely life cents of today.

-Ms. LLC

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