9 Ways to Have Fun This Summer for Free

Being on a tight budget during the summer months can be depressing, especially when you see neighbors and friends having a great time while spending all their money. But the more you stay in, the poorer you feel.

There’s good news. You can still get out and have fun this summer, even though you’re on a tight budget. All you need is an imagination and a good mood.

A sense of humor and a positive attitude can make the difference of whether you have a boring time or an enjoyable experience. That’s because money can’t buy fun. In this post, you’ll find nine great ways to have fun for free this summer.

1. The Beach or Any Body of Water

Being around water just makes you feel good. The sound soothes you and brings healthy negative ions that can help balance a stressed body. Bring along a couple of drinks and sandwiches to make a fun afternoon.

2. Playground Workout

Why not burn some calories on the playground? People pay hundreds to go to the gym or do street sports like Parkour, but you can do the same type of exercise at a playground. You may want to do this activity early in the morning before neighborhood kids get there.

3. Go Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla gardening refers to the act of gardening on land you don’t own or rent, just for the sake of making it look good.

Maybe there’s a favorite walking path with shrubbery that you want to trim back. Or maybe there are some weeds around the corner you could pull. Doing gardening like this can be an exciting act of kindness, and you’ll smile with pride every time you pass by.

4. Mani-Pedi Party

A mani-pedi party is for the girls, although it could be a romantic date for couples too. Invite one or more friends over and have an all-night party where you paint each other’s toes and fingernails. You’ll save money on the pedicure and manicure, and you’ll have entertainment for hours. Ask one or two of them to bring the wine, and you’ll have a blast.

5. Have a Moveable Feast

A moveable feast is where you go to a different friend’s house for each course of a meal. Someone makes the appetizers, while another person makes the salad, a third friend cooks the main dish, and so on. Hopping from house to house is a fun way to get out on the town without spending a dime.

6. Nature Hike

The best things in life are free, and that includes all the nature the Earth has to offer. Hiking is on the top of everyone’s list when it comes to enjoying the summer. You won’t have to travel far to discover trails in your area. Do a simple Google search to find all the best walking paths.

7. City Walking Tour

You don’t have to go far to be a tourist when there are places you’ve never visited right in your town. Many people travel across the world without ever getting to know the city where they live. Many cities offer free walking tour apps that you can use to walk around your town and learn interesting things most people don’t know.

8. Mall

Before you write this one off because of the money factor, just remember that the mall has excellent air-conditioning and there’s always nice places to sit, and people watch. You can also walk and window shop. It can be entertaining to look at the latest fashions and think about how to mimic a cheaper thrift store version for your wardrobe. Bring your own iced tea or juice.

9. Tennis

Many cities have a free sports park, equipped with a running track and tennis courts. This one may not be free if you don’t already own tennis rackets, but at least buying two second-hand tennis rackets will be on your to do list.

What’s on Your List this Summer?

Having fun this summer without money is easy if you use your imagination. This list is an excellent cheat sheet, but what else could you do for free this summer?

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